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About me

I recently graduated with a degree in Mechatronics Engineering and a double major in Software Engineering. My interest in robotics has led me to gather substantial practical experience in the sector through part-time work, which has given me a thorough understanding of the embedded system development process. I believe that my deep understanding of programming languages and my experience in designing and optimizing robotic systems enable me to offer quality solutions. I value collaboration and enjoy working in teams, where I can contribute my problemsolving abilities to help achieve team success. As a passionate learner, I am always eager to explore new technologies and adapt to changing needs. I believe that my willingness to learn makes me a quick learner and a valuable team member.

Name: Yağız Tansu

Email: yagiz.tansu99@gmail.com

Phone: +90 (534) 643 50 40

City: Izmir / Turkey

Age: 24

Experience & Education
  • Robotics Software Engineer

    Advoard Robotics
    July 2023 - Present

  • Robotics Software Engineer - Part-time

    Advoard Robotics
    Sep 2021 - Feb 2023

    As a robotics software developer at Advoard Robotics, I improved my skills in designing packages in the ROS framework using C++ and Python. I concentrated on microcontroller software development and obtained valuable experience with mobile robots. My responsibilities included everything from designing and implementing control systems to testing and troubleshooting.

  • Intern Software Engineer

    Forwardie Logistics
    Aug 2021 - Sep 2021

    I had the opportunity to work on a web-based project focusing on interactive truck tracking as a software engineering intern at Forwardie Logistics. I experienced the design and development of this project by leveraging my talents in Laravel and JavaScript.

  • Software Engineering

    2019 - 2023

    Izmir University of Economics

  • Mechatronics Engineering

    2018 - 2023

    Izmir University of Economics

  • High School

    2013 - 2017

    Izmir Private Türk College



Ros2 Flutter Dashboard

The user can manage your their robots from User-Friendly flutter Dashboard

C++, Python, ROS2, Flutter, Firebase, Linux


"Manage Your Pallets" lets users add and efficiently place their loads on various pallet options, enabling effective warehouse management.

Java Spring , JavaScript, Three.js, HTML, CSS, MongoDB


"Find Internship Easily" is a mobile app that streamlines the process of discovering internships, making it quick and straightforward for users.



"Guided Robot for Airlines" is an innovative application designed to automate tasks within the airline industry, utilizing guided robotic technology for operational excellence.

C++, Python, ROS, OpenCV

Vollmond Logistics

Custom website for Logistics company

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel


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